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Use Your Cabinets To Stay Organized

Custom Cabinet Organization

Are you tired of the clutter that’s hiding behind closed cabinet doors?  Of the unorganized mess that may be out of sight, but never truly out of mind?

Clutter can impact your life in ways that may not be obvious at first, but over time can really have a detrimental effect on your overall happiness and productivity.  For example, when you frantically search for your keys, receipts, or a pair of shoes, and end up spending much longer than necessary in order to find them on a regular basis, you are taking precious time away from the joy of living.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can use the design and use of your cabinets to help you stay organized and clutter free!


1. Glass Face Cabinets


Glass Face Cabinets

Glass face cabinets are a great choice for those needing a little more incentive to stay organized in the kitchen.  There is no hiding any clutter behind these clear faces, so dishes stay neat and organized!


2. Open Shelving


Open shelving works great in an office or play space, and, in the same way as above, adds the incentive to stay neat and clean by making your things available for all to see.  The more time you spend in designing the shelving to suit your particular lifestyle and habits, the better the result will be.


3.  Storage Benches

custom built in bench

Storage benches offer an excellent solution to busy families on the go.  Shoes, backpacks, and pretty much anything else you can think of can find a permanent home that’s out of view until they are needed.

4.   Custom Storage Solutions


Custom Cabinet Organization
One of the biggest advantages in choosing custom cabinets for any space, is the ability to design any unique storage solution imaginable.  A drawer like to one pictured above can help you keep your baking pans in order.  Also, companies like Rev-A-Shelf offer an unlimited array of storage solutions for every room throughout your house, in case you need inspiration or run out of ideas.
Hopefully, you will find some of these ideas helpful when designing your new space, and staying organized becomes easier than ever.  If you are in Kansas City, and would like a free design consultation on your new project, please contact us.
Please feel free to post your own organization design ideas or tips in the comments below!