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Top 3 Kitchen Design Trends For Kansas City

Transitional Style Kitchen

Keeping up with the latest kitchen design trends when remodeling or building a new space is a smart move, as long as you are following the right trends.  Short-lived and polarizing trends are usually a poor choice, and a bad investment.  To help you make the best choices when designing your new space in 2013, we’ve carefully selected the top three design trends to consider when making your design choices.  These selections are carefully tailored to suit the Kansas City area, which tends to be slightly more traditional than other areas in the country.  As always, however, your new kitchen design should ultimately reflect you and your family’s personal tastes and lifestyle above all else.


 Open Plan Kitchens

Open Plan Kitchen - Kitchen Design












Give your kitchen design some breathing room this year with an Open Plan Kitchen.  This style of layout has seen plenty of popularity of the last several years in more modern homes, but the trend has shifted to include even the most traditional spaces.

Open Plan Kitchens maximize not only the space, but the opportunity for interaction and engagement within your family.

In the upcoming year, expect to see kitchens that place emphasis on more than just cooking.  Islands grow larger, and dining spaces become less significant, as design catches up to many families’ tendency to gather ’round the island much more than the dining table.

This is certainly a trend to pay attention to above all others if you are remodeling your kitchen to help sell your home.  Home buyers are on the lookout for this type of kitchen design.


Transitional Style

Transitional Style - Kitchen Design

What exactly is Transitional style?  Think of it as traditional design sprinkled with modern fabrics, appliances, and lighting fixtures. Transitional kitchen designs allow you to express your unique tastes and showcase your personality, without overwhelming the space.

One of the most commonly used elements to incorporate a striking modern piece is in the lighting fixtures.  These pieces usually set the tone for the entire design, so finding the right look is essential.

There are countless online stores that offer exceptional transitional pieces to accommodate nearly every budget.  Lighting Showplace  carries a great selection of transitional styles that cater to both budget conscious and high end kitchen designs.

When choosing fabrics, a great place to start shopping here in Kansas City is Nell Hill.  You’re sure to find something to suit your tastes with their wide selection of fabrics and colors.  Recovering the seat cushions of your window seat, or island bench or stools can add the perfect touch to your new transitional style kitchen.

When it comes to choosing a cabinet door style, Shaker and Mission style cabinetry are the two styles most commonly associated with Transitional kitchen design.  Hardware tends to be unassuming and minimalist in most cases.  It is usually selected in a finish that complements the overall design.

Going Green

Green Kitchen - Kitchen Design

Going green is not really just a trend anymore.  It’s a movement that will continue to effect our daily choices in our lives as long as we wish to protect our planet.  Making environmentally conscious decisions when choosing the type of products to incorporate in your new kitchen design is easier now more than ever. Ec0-friendly manufacturers offer more choices for every budget through innovation and ingenuity.

Kitchen cabinets can be made from reclaimed wood, flooring from Bamboo, backsplash tile from recycled glass, and countertops from windshields and paper.  Some of the materials may sound bizarre at first, but the products speak for themselves in their quality, beauty, and unique character.

If you thought going green is only an option for those who can afford to, think again.  Check out this article by the Washington post, detailing how going green can be done on any budget.


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Contact us to discuss any of these trends, and more, with one of our talented designers.  Our design services are always complimentary.