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Halloween How-To’s with Household Items

Halloween is on it’s way! Nothing says falls better than pumpkins. Here are some helpful tips to take your pumpkins to the next level. Even better, these designs can be done with household items.

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Get this look with a an old pair of tights. Any tights can be used, but ones with a pattern can add a simple twist on the traditional pumpkin. Simply Cut the tights in half, and put a pumpkin trough each leg. You can then wrap the excess around the stem of the pumpkin and make a knot. This look is simple and can even be used on smaller pumpkins, perfect for kitchen decor. Check out more creative designs like this by Allison

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Get this clean look with just a little paint. You can choose any colors to match the interior or exterior of your house. To make the colors pop out, you can even start your pumpkin off white. A can of white spray paint can do the trick quickly. For more intricate designs, small stencils can help create the look. This is perfect to get smaller children involved in decorating. Check out some more painted from Peggy Wang at  BuzzFeed

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Design your own pumpkin! All you need is some twine and glue. Take a little glue to the bottom of the pumpkin to connect the twine. Then, start wrapping the twine around the pumpkin. This works well with smaller pumpkins especially. You can use any color of twine for this project. Top the pumpkin off with a bright leaf for this fall feel. Get some great pumpkin wrapping ideas from Crafts Unleashed