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How to Select a Custom Bathroom Vanity You’ll Love Forever

Unlike master bathroom fixtures, wall paint and accessories, choosing a custom vanity is a decision you want to get right. After all, you’ll be beginning and ending your days at your vanity for years. If it ends up feeling awkwardly placed, is made of materials that fail the test of time and/or doesn’t provide enough storage, then your investment in a custom bathroom can feel disappointing to say the least. Here’s what you should know about selecting a custom vanity that you’ll love forever.

Consider placement first and foremost. Of course, custom bathrooms are gorgeous, but looks fade if something as important as the vanity isn’t functional on a daily basis. One of the first decisions you need to make is where to place your custom vanity. You have more options if you are gutting your existing master bath and starting from scratch and fewer if you’re keeping the basic original layout, but upgrading the space.

Bathroom traffic flow is key. You don’t want your vanity in the way of how you use your master bath. Nor, do you want the vanity itself and its opening doors or drawers blocking natural foot paths or other doors, like closets or showers. Also, consider whether the area around the vanity will be accessible for cleaning and offer enough clearance for any windows and mirrors.

Will plumbing need to be relocated? Keeping your new custom vanity in the same location as the existing one means you can save budget on new plumbing and put it elsewhere, say in the custom vanity or adding custom cabinets and closets. Completely changing your vanity’s location will probably require replumbing to run pipes and drains.

The style of vanity comes into play with plumbing, as well. Many master baths have a traditional floor mount vanity. Many homeowners want to update to a more modern wall mount or floating custom vanity. This switch will also require plumbing work to reroute the pipes and drains.

Spending budget on quality custom vanity materials is a smart investment. Again, if your bathroom vanity looks used and worn before its time, it will affect the way you see your custom bath. Vanities not only get a lot of use, but they are located in humid and wet environments. The pressed MDF, commonly used for big box store vanities, has problems with water damage. Wood is an excellent choice only if sealed and lacquered properly. (Note: any liquid left standing on wood can damage the finish.)

Who you trust to build your custom vanity matters. A respected, experienced company will deliver on quality materials and craftsmanship. Be sure to get referrals from other homeowners who’ve had their custom vanities a while so that you can ensure their products are beautiful and durable.

Plan for more vanity storage than you think you need. Evaluate what you currently store in your bathroom vanity, drawers, cabinets and counterspace. Whatever that ends up being, add more when designing your new custom vanity. Take this a step farther and think about how often you use what you store and ensure that is accounted for in the design—this is a huge factor in overall functionality. The flip side is that you don’t want to stuff an oversized vanity with lots of storage into a space too small.

Going with a custom bathroom vanity gives you far more options for creating space than choosing a pre-made vanity. In fact, depending on your functionality and design needs, custom storage solutions are available, enhancing your investment and your satisfaction with the end result.

Consult with a reputable custom vanity maker to explore other ways to personalize your vanity. Unlike vanities you’ll find online or in stores, custom versions give you the design, exact size and storage you want. In other words, the possibilities are nearly endless, from how the sink bowls are spaced apart to where your electrical outlets are placed inside cabinets (to hide, but keep toothbrushes, hairstyling tools, etc. handy).

Consult with an Award-Winning Custom Bathroom Vanity and Cabinetry Company
Designing around what vanities are available online or in store is limiting. Custom bathroom vanities and cabinetry opens up design styles and configurations that suit your style and the way you use your master bath. Wood, design and hardware are just the beginning. Add touches like hidden plugins, specially designed storage drawers, shelving and lighting features to make your vanity truly unique

Have an exact look in mind? Need expert design inspiration? Either way, we’re here to make it happen.