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4 Steps To Organize Your Closet

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Large or small, every closet has organization potential!

If you find yourself with some extra time to devote to organizing your home, your closet is one of the best places to start!  You can immediately reap the benefits of a well organized closet.  Finding the right pair of shoes or handbag will be a lot easier, and the time you will save searching adds up quite a bit.  You will feel less stressed, more organized, and you will surely be better dressed!
Now of course the ideal situation involves an unlimited amount of space, and an unlimited budget so that you can reign supreme in your new closet kingdom, but even if that’s not the case, we have some helpful tips to get you started with what you’ve got right now.

1. Map It Out

Your closet organizing project will go a lot smoother if you’ve taken some easy steps to prepare for the challenge.  Start by drawing a sketch of your closet space.  Then, map out what you plan to put where so that you have a designated plan of attack.  Make sure that you consider what makes the most sense based on your daily routine.

Before you head off to Home Deport or Lowe’s to gather some closet organization tools such as cube or shoe storage accessories, consider that you may be able to install custom shelving for close to or just a little bit more than what you will be spending at a home improvement center.  Set up a design consultation to discuss your options.


2.  Prep

Designate a  space outside the closet to collect all unused and unworn items that you will donate either to the Salvation Army or family and friends.  You can schedule a pickup to make it even easier!  Next, designate a space in your prepping area for each category that will fit into your mapped out plan.

3. Take It All Out

Next, take everything out of the closet, but as you do this, keep items grouped together by category.  Place them in their designated spaces in your prepping area.  Consider clearing away as much clutter as possible.  If something has not been worn in the last year, how likely are you to wear it again?

The less cluttered your closet is, the better.  A cluttered closet can lead to cluttered thoughts, and eventually, a cluttered life!  Keep it as simple as possible.  If there is a question in your mind on whether you should keep something or give it away, the answer is usually to give it away.  We feel passionate and certain about the things that we love, so if it’s up for debate, throw it in the pile for the Salvation Army.

If items are out of season, find another place to store them.  There’s no sense in letting your polos hide behind your winter jacket in the summertime.


4. Put It All Back

At this point you should have an empty closet, waiting to be filled up with only you best and brightest clothing.  Following the map you created to begin with, place all of the items back in your closet, and Voila!  You have quickly and efficiently organized your closet!